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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your guarantee or warranty policy?


We offer a 30-day repair, replacement, or refund guarantee. We also provide a one-year warranty on the Hand Stylus, except for normal wear on tips.

My Hand Stylus isn't working as well as I'd hoped, what gives?


When everything is right, the Hand Stylus needs only a light touch to work. If you need to press hard, then something is amiss. If you have a screen protector, this might be the problem. The Hand Stylus works best on touch-devices without screen protectors and requires extra pressure or may not work at all on devices with protectors. If you don't have a screen protector, then you may have a defective tip and we'll gladly send a replacement.

How do I arrange for a repair, replacement, or refund?


Return your stylus to: Hand Stylus • P.O. Box 2660 • Alameda, CA • 94501. We'll repair or replace your stylus, or issue a refund, whichever you prefer.

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