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No stylus exhibits more thought than the Hand Stylus... Nicely weighted, great-feeling barrel; retractable nib—the smallest, sharpest one in the business...

David Pogue

Best for Note Taking... the Hand's marker-like nib, hefty anodized-aluminum body and knurled grip afford the most pen-like feel. And like a classic ballpoint, you can tract the Hand's tip with a click.

Erik Sofge

Hooray! It's been the best iPad stylus I've tried.

Marziah Karch

The Hand Stylus is the most precise stylus I've yet used... I was able to legibly and cleanly write text... and it's very easy to pinpoint a line to trace... the Hand's retractable nib is fantastic... The nib stayed much cleaner when traveling in my bag, and you can't say too much about the satisfaction of clicking a pen.

Serenity Caldwell

Exactly what I've been looking for: a tiny and firm rubber nib that enables me to make more precise marks. Flawless design... the Hand Stylus is impossible to beat.

Ellis Hamburger

Good feel, good balance, and good looks: that's the Hand Stylus.

Jeff Gamet

I'm going to have to apologize to the manufacturer of the stylus I used until now, because from now on I'm going to be using a Hand Stylus.

Steven Sande

The results are in, and I'm calling them definitive: finally, someone has gotten the stylus just right. The Hand Stylus is the best one money can buy.

Robin Parrish

I have really enjoyed using the Hand Stylus... Of all the rubber-tipped styluses I've tried, the Hand Stylus is my current favorite.

Julie Strietelmeier

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